FCR "T" mod for vent tube question

Ok, hit some deep water on the 04 WR450F and it stalled, I need to know which hose needs the "T" in it,the vent, which hose is the vent? :cry: :cry:

They are already T'd you just need to route one from each side of the carb to the air box. This will allow you to cross deep water. I dont know why Yamaha just did not route them that way from the factory. Anyway you will see the vent lines on both sides of your carb. :cry:

Guess I better route my carb vents too. :cry:

Will running these carb vents to the airbox cause problems with jetting? Due to pressure fluctuations in the airbox? Anyone have any theories as to why all the cross overs and tees?


Have you moved your crankcase vent to the airbox yet? I removed my hose the other day and the whole inside of the hose, clear to the valve cover was coated with dry dust from riding the dunes a few weeks ago. I was sitting on the top lip of a dune with the vent an inch or so from the sand, engine idling, when I noticed the vent sucking and blowing sand. You can bet it's vented to the airbox now.

The cross overs are there to let the float bowl breathe with the atmosphere that you are riding in. I installed "T"s in both crossovers about 2 inches after they crossover(on the drain to the ground side). I ran the "T"eed hoses way up under the tank to keep them high and dry and to keep them registering actual atmosphere when the lower parts of the hose are in the water. I also did this "T" method on the breather hose. The airbox "T" probably works good too, I just want the float bowl to get accurate atmospheric conditions because I already ride in some pretty thin air. My '02 --- WR Dave. :cry:

Dieselsrcool, now, havent done anything with the breather, but my skid plate protects it real well. I do worry about soem deep water. I ran into some water, the ends of the carb hoses ended up in water and the thing died and was hard starting. This was on my first ride. Was well aware of it. Its also a problem on the Kawasaki KLR's too, so I need to modify that also. I'm going to "T" it, leave one end down to drain gas, then the other up high near the airbox, but not in it. :cry:

I was considering a filter for the end of the breather. Its always on my mind when I go through deep water. It sucks water right in if your not careful. My 426 was the same way, but also well protected by a skidplate. Larry, you need a nice skid plate on your skoot! :cry:

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