Grey Wire - Bryan, Bill, Kevvie

I know I know,

This issue has been done to death... But, does it really make a difference? Will it make any difference to a bike with a Vortex ignition and YZ timed????



The gray wire appears to be exclusive to U.S. bikes. Plus, according to Clark (I believe) the Vortex ingnition DOES NOT ACCOMODATE the gray wire.

So how you doing old friend?

It is definately a US bike thing. My WR ignition has the wire coming out of the CDI, but it ends in the first connector, going nowhere.

:) Grey wires, spark arrestors, throttle stops.

Can a US spec WR move under it's own power when you buy it? :D


'00 WR400F, YZ Timing, FMF Power Core IV2, Renthal Bars.

certainly not the 250.


- Sean

01 WR250F

00 DR-Z400S (for sale)

How about adding grey wire to technical area so everybody can find it easy ?

I'll get some pictures of that sucker for you the next time my fuel tank comes off, which should be in about a week.

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