Riding in Carson City

Just got back form a ride with my buddy in Carson City. This was the first real ride on the XR650. At first I rode the DRZ that was set up with the desert tank, skid plats....etc. Later that day I did a short 25 mile loop just to see what I had. The next day (Sunday) I hooked up with my buddy and his friend who lives in Carson. He took us on a really nice 50 mile loop in the pine area. It was mostly single track mixed in with two track in an out of small pine trees, up and down hills filled with rocks and sand. I got to admit the XR was in the grove. It was very stable in the rocks and the power was there all the time. I almost never shifted. I could here my buddies DRZ shifting up and down where I was steady at half throtle.

This place was a good combo of desert and woods. I had a great time and plan to go back soon. I camped at Washoe lake and the area I rode in was about 10 dirt miles or 20 street miles from camp.

The XR650 has proven it self to me now and look foward to more desert rides. Now if it just had an electric start. :)

hey moredesert.

that sounds like a good place to check out. if you don't mind, can you tell me the name of the ohv areas around carson that you guys rode? how far is carson city from the riverside area?

i've only lived in california for a year and am still checking stuff out. would like to ride nevada and arizona...


As I am getting more used to my 650R (fifth ride or so, now)it's easier to start- I'm learning the drill. I uncorked and upjetted it - when warm, it restarts first kick - if it falls over, 15 kicks with WOT and comp release, then normal start - usually first kick also. It used to be that I could stay with the fast guys in the tight stuff on my XR250, then they'd get away on the logging roads - not anymore! They get a lead on me in the tight stuff now, then I suddenly appear behind them. way cool!

Secretatlas, Out side Carson City is all BLM land and the desert goes on forever. Just park and ride. Carson City is just south of Reno off 395.


If your'e intrested in riding Nevada, you need to try Mesquite NV/St. George UT. I rode there earlier this year. If you're looking for wide open spaces with plenty of variety, that is the place. One day we rode from the dez floor to 7000 ft., the next was miles of open dez and sand washes. With a dual sport or chase truck you can ride to the Grand Canyon. It's only 4 1/2 hrs from Riverside and well worth the trip. Have you ridden Silverwood/ Arrowhead? Its a nice change from the desert (especially at night when no one else is there)


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