Anyone using A sidewinder setup?

Anyone using a sidewinder setup??? how do you like it?

is it worth the $$$$$? :cry:

I run the sprockets on my 650R, great! But their chain sucks...

I ran a set on a RM250. The chain lasted about 2-months. The sprockets are okay but not worth a premium cost. I'd save the money and get a D.I.D. chain.

Are sidewinders still sold? I couldn't find the site or a search for where to buy them or how much....just looking to know.....I have Ironman and DID chain.

IronMan @ Quality Smart

Yep I am running their titanium setup and I love it. It’s got about 5k miles on it. The chain has not stretched (I keep it lubed with their lube) and the sprockets show no wear. Definitely worth the money.

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