Hopping up a 650R

Hi all, has anyone done up a 650R yet? Need some help/ideas building mine up.

I toasted the top end by sinking it in a deep water/mud hole. Still runs but smokes pretty bad so I am going to tear her down and build her back up.

So...has anyone tried the 101 or 102mm piston? I need to resleeve (steel) anyway, so I am thinking either the 100mm or 101mm piston so that I have room left over.

The bike has been and will be ridden in baja, wh/ means sh%^&* fuel...so I may shave a bit off the new piston to stay at a near stock Compression ratio. Anyone done this?

How about cams, anyone run an XR only cam. Freddie told me that they have had some great luck with cams in the 650R.

Lastly, I was thinking of an edlebroc carb to top it off. My main complaint with the bike right now is that it is hard to start after a stall/crash. I am told that this will help that, while still giving her more ponies.

I already have a big gun (full) exhaust and all the mods done to open it. Don't really need any more power, but need to rebuild anyway...so why not add some more right? Well if anyone has done these mods or has feedback, please respond..thanks!

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