Passenger Pegs

Does anyone know where I can get some passenger footpegs for my 650R? I saw the ones that come on the L model and would like a set for my R. Is any welding necessary to put them on? Thanks

The "L" has threaded bosses welded into the frame for the brackets to bolt to.

The pegs would probrbly work if you can supply some place to bolt to.

To add to voodoordr coment...

I have a XR650L and I lost one of my passenger pegs and had a hell of a time trying to track down a NON-OEM provider who will not throw me over the coals on price. You will have to weld on a bracket to hold the pegs on but the hard part is finding the pegs.

I called the folks at who had said they've got a guy who is making them after market which would include the bracket. Outside of Honda look for DR350 passenger pegs on ebay. I've heard with a little adjustment you can get them to work...

Good luck...

MSR and Baja Designs will have them. You will have to weld a plate. So far I took my wife on a lot of single track and it was pretty fun except for the long rocky down hills. It is like trying to work the remote while doing pushups with some one setting on your back. They are holding up fine. And two bolts takes them right off. There are also the cheap ones that just clamp on around your swingarm.

Danco, a word of caution bud. I recall

reading in either the owner's manual or the

shop manual that 100kgs is the recommended

max. weight. Even with a better spring

I personally would worry about some of the

linkages breaking as this happened to me

on a previous bike with my small kid aboard.

cheers, Craig

Thanks to all!!!!

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