XR650R oil temp.

What should be the operating ranges in oil temp for the 650R?


I have an XR's Only oil temperature dipstick (also availabe from Summers Racing Components). It is very accurate. In fact I placed it side by side with a Candy thermometer in a pan of water last night. I heated the water on the stove and the two agreed perfectly. I stopped the test at 200 F.

Anyway, my bike runs in the 160-180 F range. I can run in 2-3 gears and not exceed 180 F. Drops down to 160 F range when I am riding on primitve roads or paved highways.

The oil is going to run hotter than the water - I have the temp guage dipstick and my oil temp runs at 200 - 220. Outside temps here in Northern Michigan tend to run cool, but the trails are tight, slow, and complicated,(wonderful!).

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