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Well, for the FIRST time since buying the DR...I had to drive my 3/4 ton, ANCIENT Suburban to work today! I was NOT happy about it, and the old Blue Bomb wasn't either. I've only drove it 3 times since I bought the bike...in July..and until today, only to get groceries....when my Daughter's car wasn't available.

BUT....between weather yesterday and today....(rather cold, WET, WINDY AS HECK....Don't let ANYONE fool you, there is no wind in South Dakota, it's just that South Dakota SUCKS! LOL LOL LOL) and almost 5 hours of overtime these last two days, I decided to drive instead of ride this morning. I know, winter is comin' so what can I expect, but still...I've only got 2600 miles on my new DR, and want to put TONS more..but I guess it ain't happenin'....

So, with all that whiney-a## stuff out of the way...who down south wants to trade jobs????? Come on, you KNOW you wanna........



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