Baja 1000 prerunning,ride back?

I have the oppurtunity to race in a buggy this year.I'll be prerunning from Ensenada to (app.) Bay of L.A..If anyone is prerunning and can possibly work something out let me know.Also,I may need a ride back up to Ensenada after I get out at B of LA. As I probably won't go all the way down.

we will be pre-running Ens to Bay of LA this weekend.

whats your schedule?

We're still sorting out riding assingments, but I'm 90% sure we will be running Ensenada to BoLA on 11/14.

Slightly off topic, does anyone have an idea on whether a chase truck can beat the race vehicle from K77 to San Felipe?


I doubt a chase truck could beat the race vehicle to SF.You have to stop for the military check at Three poles,along with traffic.could be close! If I read the race notes right,the course hops onto and off the Zoo road (rm 160 to 169)then towardstown.This would save you a little bit of time,although El Dorado Ranch usually sets up a road block on Zoo road.

From KM 77 to SF you would probably get there ahead of him. Providing no flats on your vehicle, no accidents on the Hwy and no back up at both 3 pole military checkpoints. And the Federals aren't running radar that weekend. :cry:

That might work out,(the 14th.)keep me advised? I'm still looking for a ride back up to Ensenada race day/night,next day......

is your chase truck 4 x 4? you could cut across diablo dry lake. there's another road to zoo that's about 1

mile south of the el dorado entrance.

Cosmo, I'll follow up once we have it nailed down.

Thanks to everyone on the K77 to SF question. Based on what I'm learning I think it's too close to risk it. Maybe Ojos to SF.


Ojos to Sf is a done deal. :cry:

just back from pre-running Ojos to Felipe...

Its the same course as 2002--except at mile 65 or so the course takes a 90 degree left hand turn and goes on to a short (virgin) ranch road for just 3-4 miles-- then it jumps back on to the race course...cutting out 20 minutes or so of 2002's course...hmmmm. very interesting. I wonder if anyone ever cheated by taking that little short cut in the past?

Naw....for sure no one would do that...

Theres some other little changes--like ya miss the Matias wash road--instead paralleling Hwy 3 for a few miles on the dirt---otherwise its all 2002.

Lots of rain in Baja!

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