YZ tank/seat... not so good?

Hearing all you guys talking about YZ tank and seat on WRs got me curious to try it. TT member Sylvain had me try his Acerbis YZF tank with YZ seat on his 426.

After seeing Sylvain's WR set up with the big Acerbis YZF tank and YZF seat, I have the feeling that the result is a not so flat seat when compared to the stock YZ tank.

Anyone else noticed that?

Just have a look at the YZF 426 set up on the IMS and notice the "u" shape of the top line of the seat


Compare with TT member WR426madness set up with the stock yzf tank.


I think the IMS and Acerbis YZF tank don't really offer a significantly better position for the 426s. Maybe you can sit an inch or two closer to the front end...? But probably not much more than that.

Look at the WR line.


For the 450s, IMS aftermarket tank for YZFS creates a result that is closer to the stock YZF tank.


I'm a bit disapointed because I would have like to have the flat feeling of the stock YZF tank but I want to keep a fuel capacity over or at least close to the 3 gallons. I thought IMS or Acerbis YZF tanks could be the way to go but I'm now more than hesitant. :cry:

I've tried a guts racing tall seat on a WR426 recently. The tank was the stock WR tank. I think the result is at least as good as a Acerbis YZF aftermarket tank as far as riding position. It is so thick that it creates a straight line from the back end to the point the seat ends close to the tank cap. By doing that, you are seated over an inch higher from the pegs which is also great when you are at 6'1''

It is also darn comfortable... Not too soft, not too hard, great shape.

Well this was just my humble opinion. I havent made a lot of track yet so my opinion might change but for now I think I'll stick with the original tank and buy one of those guts.

If I had a WR450, the story would have probably been different. IMS YZFs tanks offer good ergos and bigger fuel capacity (3.1 gal) over the stock WR450f tank (2.6 gallon in 2003 and 2004 and 2.1 gal in 2005). I think it is a no brainer. :cry:

Don't be fooled by the pictures.

I have the IMS YZ tank on my WR426 and the improvement was HUGE. You have to try it to believe it! Well worth the money, for sure.

Hi oldbones!

OK on your reply but it is not as flat as the YZ original tank right?

Maybe your SDG is comparable to the guts I've tried and is more accountable for the better feeling than the IMS tank?

I mean what does actually improves your bike? Is it your seat or the tank? Because if your SDG is like the Guts I've tried, the mid section of the seat (where the original set up start to climb on the gaz tank) is so thick when you look at it from the side that there is no more "u" shape on the top. It's like the seat fills the hole. (Don't know if I'm clear enough). That allows to sit everywhere on the seat which you can't on a WR seat or even on a YZ seat fitted on a IMS tank. OK it is better than the original WR but that much?

Look, I don't want to push you, just want to pick up a max of info before putting $200 on a fuel tank. :cry:

Thanks for replying. :cry:

I agree, don't be fooled by pictures. The stock seat will undoubtedly be pushed up a little at the tank juncture on an oversized YZ style tank. However, the ability for you to sit forward and put more of your weight on the front of the bike is huge! This is what makes the turing and handling differences. It's not the amount of "flatness" achieved, but where the weight is. Do it, you'll love it

I have the stock YZ set up on my WR .

I have never had a problem with running out of fuel.

When we ride we always come back to the truck for lunch

anyways and I refuel then. Even when we did the Calibogie boogie,I had more than enough fuel to make it to the fuel stops.

P.S. We might go riding north of Hawksbury,west of Lachute

on staurday,weather permiting.Let me know if you want to hookup.

Thanks for the replies guys :cry:

I'm gonna have the chance to compare which allows me to sit more forward between the guts seat/stock tank and the stock YZ seat/acerbis tank soon. I'll chose the best of the two.

As for the fuel capacity, I've been through mine a couple of times on long rides ( never stucked because of that yet but came close).

Bam, they say the weather is gonna be really rainy here saturday. Check this out. I could not be with you anyways because I need a trailer to haul that bike up there (not close to where I live) if I don't want to toast my off road tires on the pavement in one day).

Don't be fooled by the pictures. :cry: I rode my WR without and with a YZ tank set up and the difference IS huge. You may not see the difference that well buy you can feel it. You can move father forward and the front wheel stays planted MUCH better. You can't see a 2 deg. difference in a stearing head angle, or a mm of off-set but it makes all the difference in how the bike turns.

The best thing is probably a thick aftermarket seat and an IMS or Acerbis tank combo. :cry:

Yes that is the way to fly. I have an '03 WR 450 (which has decent ergos, and a large fuel tank) But I still went with the Zip Ty 3.4 tank and a Guts high foam seat with a Factory Effex gripper cover. Made a massive difference! The gas being lower on the bike is better for the feel overall. You will likey. :cry:

Great, I'll have a look at the ZipTy. When I tried TT fellow Sylvain's bike with the Acerbis tank, I noticed that the tank was going very low as well. He keeps it 1 third filled when he rides on tracks... keeps the weight down.

Thanks for replying and BTW, I like your avatar! :cry: :cry:

Ditto on the Zip Ty tank. I have a 01 WR426 that I switched to the Zip Ty YZ tank and seat. The YZ seat was actually 4" longer than the WR seat. I think the top of the Zip Ty tank may be a little lower than the standard IMS tank.

Huge difference in handling. I love it. I will still probably get a tall soft guts seat later on too. Check with Zip Ty direct. I got a used tank for $50. But I had to install a aluminum collar for the fill neck. It had the opening for a dry break. Good luck with your research. I think your on the right track.

I will never go back to a WR tank.

The ZipTy and IMS are pretty much identical, with the exception of the petcock arrangement. That's my understanding at least, I heard they were the exact same piece of plastic (both made by IMS), but I could have got some bad info.

Either one though, I think is narrower and flatter than the Acerbis. I know for a FACT that both the IMS and ZipTy are narrower and flatter than the stock WR setup.

Swapping out to this seat and tank did two things. It moves the weight of the fuel lower, made my bike FEEL 20 lbs lighter. It also moves YOUR weight further forward and makes the front hook up WAY better. It feels like you just put on a brand new tire with razor sharp knobs.

JUST DO IT! You won't regret it. :cry:

The ZipTy and IMS are pretty much identical, with the exception of the petcock arrangement. That's my understanding at least, I heard they were the exact same piece of plastic (both made by IMS), but I could have got some bad info.

IMS makes the Zipty tank, but it is a completely different mold from the IMS one. It carries the fuel a lot lower, is thinner, and not as tall. :cry:

Thannkk you very much for that link PowerFriend!

I think he is rather hard on the prices though... you can buy a YZ seat for much less than what is mentioned if you get a used one.

Now did you guys have to mess with your hot start like the guys says in that paper.

Thanks again.

Hello Math

Concerning the hot start. It's harder to get to it. When the bike stalls, I have to keep a hand pulling on the hot start knob and kick the beast at the same time because there isn't enough free space and the knob doesn't stay pulled out. It doesn't happen a lot, but it sure would be nice to have a hot start lever on the handlebar. This is next on my shopping list.

Math (and anyone else thinking of doing the YZ tank swap)-

I just got back from the first ride ( about 100 miles) on my 01 WR with the IMS 3.4 gal YZ tank and an SDG complete YZ seat. The difference was abso-friggin-lutely amazing! I had no plans to replace the stock WR tank, as I didn't really notice the interference that the magazines talked about. After all, I was used to my '81 RM465 with a 4 1/2 (yes, 4 1/2!) gallon Clarke desert tank. Then, my stock tank split and puked gas all over me. I went with the IMS tank over the Zip Ty because I didn't want to take a hit on range. The IMS tank is 3.4 gal, and the Zip Ty is 3.1 The IMS tank doesn't come down so low on the L/H side, so the hot start and choke are not a problem. Even with gloves on and sittng on the bike, I could get to both.

Not only are the ergos better with the new set up (narrower at the knees, easier to slide up over the front end, and just more comfortable all around), the fuel is carried a lot lower in the IMS tank so the bike doesn't feel as top heavy.

While the price of admission was kinda steep, $360 for the tank, seat and new shrouds (new shrouds are not necessary with the IMS tank, but mine were pretty beat up), this was the best money I have spent on the bike since I got it!

Even if you're not prompted by a leaking stock tank, this mod, in my opinion, is as close to a "must have" as you can get!

Oldbones-if you're reading this, let me tell you, I read your response to my similar post, and you were right...maybe a little bit understated, but 100% right! :cry:

Birdie, glad I could help. I agree with you that this is pretty much a "must do" for us 426 boys. Makes it a whole new bike.


Here was my question to ZipTy Racing:

-Guys on Thumpertalk told me about one little issue about the ZTR YZ tank. They

are talking about the hot start being tough or even impossible to reach. What

does ZTR propose?

Mitch from ZTR answer:


This was very well thought out, as the tank was originally designed to meet Ty's needs in Racing - it was not meant to be a trail rider's tank. Therefore, concerns with getting to the choke were about 1% of the design - Ty doesn't give a hoot about the difficulty in reaching something used "pre-race" for 5 seconds, when the slimness of the tank will be a factor during the 4th hour of a Hare Scrambles. Yes, the choke is "very" difficult to get to with Ty's tank. But, Ty doesn't care... because his tank is the most ergonomically perfect tank for racing long distances. In the course of a championship, the choke doesn't mean squat.

That being said, Ty does have a Hot Start Switch of his own design that works very well once the bike is at operating temperature. This "tubing" designed unit draws in cool air at the handlebars instead of ambiently hot air around the engine. This is way more effective than the other "cabled" designs. This retails for $89.95.

I hope this helps!



-end of quotations

90 bucks is pretty expensive but I guess it is effective...

Thank you to Mitch from ZTR for his answers :cry:.

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