My 01 426 I've seen some clean bikes on this site see how mine rates?

There have been some super clean bikes on this site how does this one rate

01 426 bored over to 450 04 hotcam, White bro's R4, Pro Taper tripleclamps, Striaghtline suspension.


You should take some time off from cleaning and polishing that thing so you can ride it.

Nice Bike!

I too have an '01 and am just now getting rid if the stock bars and rear tire. The only other thing I've done is replaced the rear fender. I have had mine for 2 months, ridden it twice and put more scratches on it in those two rides than the previous owner did the 4 1/2 yrs he had it :cry:! There are alot of things I would like to do, but I don't want to sink alot of $$$ into it. I have done the DCM which is the best thing I could have ever done to my Mule :cry:!

ripntear :cry:

Mine's better! :cry:

Scratched frame pain, crusty looking header, scratched side cases. . .

i always liked the way dirt bikes look with dirt instead of armour all Mine

Do you ride freestyle? :cry:

Do you ride freestyle? :cry:


ripntear :cry:

hey it all starts with just doin wheelies :cry:

I love this forum...thanks for the honest replys and lets see your bike.

I promise it wont look that way Sat. Goint to do the Three Palms in Conroe Texas

My Boy's birthday is tomorrow and were going there for his birthday. :cry: :cry:

It's nice to clean em up, but it's a blast to get em dirty!

ripntear :cry:

Three Palms looks like a pretty nice place! That will be a nice b-day gift for your son. I'll have to make my way down there soon!

ripntear :cry:

Scratched frame pain, crusty looking header, scratched side cases. . .

:cry::lol::cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :lol: :lol:

YOu need a new tire for sure!

Really the bike looks nice. The way I look at a Yamaha is by the side cases on the engine. Anyone can install new plastic, pipe and shine up a bike. The sidecase paint tells you how much the bike has been riden. And your bike has been riden! The paint is all but gone there.

Enjoy the bike!

Ok A Before 2000 Shot

BTW Nice Pipe :cry:


And After BTW I only have 60 hours on this bike From new


That's a good lookin 426......but not as nice as this 426!! :cry:



What do you mean b-4 2000 shot? You have Thumpertalk decals on the fender

ripntear :cry:

Stock its what it is stock. I got the bike from a neighbor bought it Oct 2000, rode it three times, scared the bajeepers out of him and sold it to me in January 2001. He estimated it had less then 20 hours on it. I put an hour meter on and figure 10 hours passed, right now hour meter is 36 hours. I figure 60 hours total on a 2000 426

I meant Before / After my $2000 face lift. Graphics, plastic, tires, aftershocks suspension, zstart auto clutch, Pro tapers, hand gaurds, seat cover, chain and gearing


I knew you would have an explanation :cry:! What are the other bikes in the background? You are a bike nut :cry:!

ripntear :cry:

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