My 01 426 I've seen some clean bikes on this site see how mine rates?

my 2000 yz426 (for sale btw)


If Satch0922 can post action pics.... :cry:



No Yak, it's not your bike just because it has your name on the front fender! :cry: Soon that extra lever on the left side of the bars will be off! :cry:YZF426.jpg

what is the extra lever for??? OH YEAH...I just forgot! :cry:



HAH! Satch! SOON that lever will be outta there....waiting on a part coming from Japan! Damn trans bearing!!! :cry: :cry:

Repost w/ new graphics!


Some nice bike's, I'll get pics of mine up when I get it.

Geez, do any of you guys actually ride your bikes or do they just sit in the garage being rubbed with a diaper? :cry:


Where'd you get those graphics? I'd sure like to pick up a set for my WR.



Where'd you get those graphics? I'd sure like to pick up a set for my WR.


I got them from ebay for about 35.00. They are made by enjoy. Im pretty sure they are called the "corporate graphics" or something with corporate in the name. I saw them on a website a couple weeks ago for 25.00...I think I remeber them having them for the wr too. I'll try to find the link when I get a chance. The tank stickers on my bike have started to yellow...and the shrouds are getting scuffed....I think I'm ready for another set too. At can't go wrong. I've had more compliments on my bike with these graphics than any others....yea, now that I think about it, I'll find that link and order some new ones. When I find it, I'll post the link for you.


I bought the bar risers from thumper racing usa .com. If I remember correctly, they didn't have them listed on the site. I emailed them, they confirmed that they had them, and I ordered that way. I'm 6'4"....I love the way they make my bike feel. I did the lower the footpegs mod, added a tall seat, and the bar the bike feels like it fits me.


Thanks Mike, I have to try them.


What does it mean when your picture is replaced with the tiny box and red x in the middle? I have followed the directions on posting a pic and this is all I get. I sometimes get them on other peoples posts and web sites.

It means Imagestation sucks. Try to find another hosting site, like or one of the several others out there.


There is not much I wouldn't give to be able to ride on dirt like that

WE rode there this weekend. The Dirt it premier - However it did rain on us most of the day. But it was still great.


I'll have to take some pics of my '01 426 and send them to you... You have done a great job gettin er cleaned up.... I love a good clean bike..... I mine is just as nice as yours is bro, keep up the good work..

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