xr600 axle diameter

Anyone know the front axle diameter for a '95 XR600?


The best I can tell it's 12mm. I don't have a 600 anymore but I do have a set of rear wheel bearing on the shelf. The drive side that takes the spacer is a 6204 and the brake side is a 6203. The ID is the same size as the axle and that works out to be ~.670/in or 12 mm.

Sorry you said front axle :) Same thing the front bearings are 6003 and is also 12 mm

thanx, but i just found another source and it states 17mm just like the xr400.

you sure you measured right? :)

There are about 2.56 cm in one inch, if you convert that to mm you get 25.6 mm. Multiply that number by .67 and you should get 17.152 mm. :)

Well I'll be. :):D I took the caliper and compared it to a metric tape measure. I guess I can't see stright. Like I said 17mm. :D:D:D

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