CO, Rampart - Bear Creek Ride

Any other CO riders want to take on the beast at Rampart. We are attempting our annual one time only ride of the hardest trail at Rampart. Sat, July 7th at 9am at The Sprucewood. It is an expert double diamond trail and if you think you might want to try it, you are welcome to join us.

Hummmm, Doug, I think I might die, woah cool, I guess I better try it then huh, haha. Maybe next time.

Ahh come on girls. No one but Marty willing to go up against the beast? OK, maybe next time. Watch out for those four wheelers on the blue trails :)

Hey Dougie, riding the steep & deep stuff now eh!! Sounds like a cool trail I would go if not for the 20 hour drive. I am coming your way to ride the Colorado 500 its August 20th to the 25th. Any of the Colorado boys scheduled to ride? The legendary Malcom is going to be there. I guess he's getting pretty old but still hauls in his backyard (the Rocky Mountains). Do you do much riding above 7,000 ft? The ride is all above 7 and peaks at almost 13,000 ft. Jetting will be an issue. Any input?

Colorado Bound, Huge

Hey Howard, I wish I was riding in the 500. Not this year. Not sure about the others. I've never ridden it. Is that the one you need to be invited to? I'm not connected.

I do quite a bit of riding in the 10 to 13K range. I don't change my jetting from what I have here in Denver. Never had a problem or need to. As far as what I am jetted now, I think it is the following (I say think because it has been a while since I set it this way and I lost the paper I wrote it all down on)

Pilot - 48

Main - 172

Needle - Stock YZ, 3rd position (can't remember the YZ needle letters off hand)

1 3/4 out on the fuel screw

That gets me from 6000 to 13,000. I'm sure there is a much better jetting example for that atltitude but I find I don't need to change. I don't have backfiring, glowing header or loss of power in that entire range. And if I do, I just adjust the fuel screw a bit to correct it temporarily. My plug looks great. So I don't attempt to screw it up by changing anything.

I'm sure someone at the race will set you straight. Good luck when you come out here. Hope it is fun and safe for you.

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Dougie, this will be my (rookie) year on the CO 500 I was invited last year but wasn,t able to make it. So we'll see how it goes. I was hoping that one or more of you would be going so i would have someone to change tires for. hehe :) How's Kerry T. doing? Haven't heard from him in awhile. I thought for sure you Colorado boys would find a way to get invited. Tell Jake and Bryan hello and to get on the ball and crash the party if they have to. Soon I will find the routes or at least the general area we will be riding /staying if its close to you lets hook up.

late, Huge

Absolutely, let me know. I'm sure some of us will be able to say hello. I haven't seen any of the CO boys this summer. All have different agendas I guess. Let me know what trails you will be covering and if I am familiar with them, which I should be for some of them, I will give you a heads up on what they are like.


Lets go ride some time, I know the whole schedule thing sucks, but I have weekends off, and I know you have the baby, busy lives, wish I was young again, haha, wait I am, sorry guys, haha, Howard, Ill come by and say hi when you in town, I have nothing better to do. Ok Im done ranting for now, to many drinky drink in Marty for now, haha.


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