buying an xr600

Im looking at purchasing another xr600 and im wondering specifically what things to look out for, in terms of this specific bike. The bike im looking at right now is a 1992.

thanks guys... :cry:

I was in the same boat about a month ago. After a long time on other "higher tech bikes" I wanted a good family trail bike to take it easy on. It has been a long time since I owned a xr so I can't tell you what to exactly to look for but I can tell you what I found. Been looking for a while, bought a 98 xr 600 off a fellow tt'r. Went to look at it (5hrs away) and found a C+/B- on the ABCD scale looks wise. I'm picky. Seemed to run great though- no smoke, good comp., shifts great, clutch great, no ticking from the top. I have heard some xr's lose 3rd gear so that was on my mind. Small leak above the spark plug, seal? All the real high dollar stuff seemed ok so I figured I am starting w/a solid unit. Needs whl. bearings, tires next season, brake pads and some sprucing up the plastic. I find now that some of the plastic is quite expensive so don't dismiss it when dickering on a price. I like the guy I bought it from, honest, decent guy so I gave 1600.00 for it. May not be a steal but a good buy none the less I figure. Check that 3rd gear (make sure it does not pop out under load) check for leaks, ticking/knocking, do comp. test if poss. make sure it shifts tight and the clutch does not drag too much. Remember the poss cost of the plastic stuff

thanks guys.....that helps immensely :cry:

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