Rear shock compatibility

I'm in the market for a rear shock for my '97 XR400. I believe the xr600 and xl650 should be the same.

Can anyone confirm this and/or add other bikes that would have matching shocks?


Going by year 2000 parts listing the XR400 shock part # is 52400-KCY-671 and the XR600 (last year)

part # is 52400-MAG-861 and my 2002 XR650L shock # is 52400-MY6-881

now I have no idea if the differences are enough to cause a problem, I would imagine one of the big differences would be spring weight, the XR400 is quite a bit lighter than my XRL.

hope this helps some

beautiful, thats what I need to know. I'm rebuilding it all out for flat-track anyway, just looking for parts.

thanx pal.

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