03/04 Fork Springs

Are the fork springs interchangeable between 03/04? I'm aware that the tubes were larger diameter for 2004, but I'm wondering if the they changed the springs or not? Anyone know? :cry:

the 46 mm springs(03 yz/04wr) may fit in the 48 mm tubes(04 yz) but are smaller diameter. the 48's definately do not fit into the 46's. :cry:

Thanks, but what I'm asking is did they change the diameter or free length of the springs. I know they went from .46's to .45's. but are they dimensionally different? :cry:

i said it above ,the 46 springs are a smaller diameter than the 48's the 48's will NOT fit in the 46 tubes. i really don't know if you can put 46's in a 48 or not,the I.D. may be too small. but i can tell you from experience that the 48mm springs will not fit the 46mm forks.... :cry: :cry:

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