WR stator questions

1. Will a stator from a 2002 wr work on a 1999 model

2. Can you tell the difference between a lower output stator (98-99) and the higher output ones (2000+) just by looking at them?

3. Will going with a higher output stator help with my dualsport lighting? I have been told that lighting problems are the lack of a good battery.

I think the power output of '99-'02 wr's on the lighting coil is 55 watts. I believe that they are all interchangable but I don't think you will gain any additional capacity with the later stator. I will check with parts poeple at work today and post what I find.

If you are having problems with the battery not staying charged the battery may need replaced or it's not being charged at a correct rate. Putting a bigger battery in will only aggravate your problems. If your battery is in good condition you can check your charging system output by starting the bike, turm all of the electric accessories(headlight, brake light etc.) and fast Idle the engine. Use a volt meter and check the voltage across the battery while all of this is going on. you should have 13.5 to 14.5 volts at the battery. If it's too low the charging system's not keeping up (bad regulator, wiring, system capacity?), if it's too high you have a problem with your regulator or wiring and you'll smoke the battery.

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