Anyone have two sets of wheels for their XRL650?

I'm having so much fun with my XRL650, on both dirt and street, but the TrakMasters are a little loud on the street. I'm thinking of setting up a second set of wheels with street (or mostly street) tires, and leave the other set with the TrakMasters. Anyone here try anything like this before? Any suggestions? Thanks.

I am still looking for a nice XR600, and that is exactly the same idea I had of doing. Keep a set of tires/rims for mostly dirt, and a backup set for mostly road/fireroad riding. Good luck, let me know what you find.

When I had a dual sport XR600 I had two sets of wheels. I found a used front for $150 and built a rear with all new parts for about $650. When I sold the bike I got $500 for the extra wheels.

I started out with street and dirt tires but ended up with dirt tires on all and carried then with me on the Baja rides as back up wheels. When you do a 1300 mile ride to Cabo It sure was nice having a fresh set of wheels and tires in the suport truck.

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