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wrist brace?

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I am hoping I can get some good information on quality wrist braces from all of your experience out there. In addition to my 9 to 5 I pay some of my bills as a guitarist. I also have an addiction to ride at every given opportunity. So my obvious concern is to protect my wrists and hands first and foremost as they are part of my livelyhood.

I am having a hard time trying to find a quality wrist brace on the market. I currently use the best brace EVS makes which is nothing more than a $30 pile of neoprene and foam that in reality seems like they do nothing more than cut off my circulation. The only alternative I know of is the All Sport Dynamic brace that is either by persciption (I've already tried and failed w/ my doc) or their new off the shelf brace that costs $350 per brace = $700 a pair! 😢 I know asterisk and EVS make quality knee braces that only run between $350-$500 a pair. That's much less than the ASD wrist braces and consists of much more hardware.

Does anyone know of another alternative that I'm missing that offers the level of protection that the Asterisk Cell offers for the knee? Also, these are simply intended to be preventitive and not used for a pre-existing condition or rehab.

Thanks 😢

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