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Valves again- theory only!

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Whew, lots of valve talk!

I am interested in theories of why valves are a problem and what are any/ all potential remedies...nothing is too far fetched, just an open discussion.

Here is a couple of questions?

How do f-1 valves open and close...?

is their a better way for the valve to "follow" the cam other than forcing it on the lobe with a spring?

matching valves and springs- is their a spring match to the ss valves?

Can a yamaha head be modified to fit a kxf cylinder so 5 valves can be utilized.

Does the valve lift and duration present the problem for kawsukis and does the aftermarket have a more mellow lobe?

After reading(re-readin alot!!), Rich and Hardhats pots in the other thread, I am starting to understand some of their concern(not sure about the first presentaion of their ideas but I am trying to keep an open mind)

I am interested in these ideas because i have been dealing with some very similiar issues in printing(we running high speed web presses at 2800 fpm (85-90000per hour of junk mail) and I have been dealing with a spinning cylinder with a cam follower that rotates around a stationary cam...and fighting bounce, inertia and durability...sound familiar!

I love to ride and I really do enjoy working and testing my bikes...I don't like performing major motor repairs at the accelerated rate the the small bore 250's require...

Hydraulic valve ends?,

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Let me start off, the problem seems to be that the stock springs and even some aftermarket springs aren't able to control the valve at very high rpms. I don't know the technicalities of why this is but it is a problem mostly at high RPMs. Second, f1 valves are pneumatic, i actually believe it is nitrogen gas that controls them.

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