Complete WR 450 plastic (anybody need it?) *DELETED*

Post deleted by DIGITAL_SOLDIER

Where are you located at?


Hey DIGITAL_SOLDIER where did you get your black plastic for your WR I have been thinking of doing something along these lines myself. I have not been able to find plastic for the WR just the YZ. Any pictures of your bike?

I'm going to clean the bike this weekend and get a few shots of it for TT. I wanted to finish the bike completely (skid plate, exhaust, other misc. stuff)before I posted it.

Three people have PM'd me for pics of the black WR, so I'll get on it.

As far as getting the plastic, it's really a mixed bag of stuff from different manufacturers. Most of the YZ stuff will fit ie: shock guards and front fender, side panels and YZ rear fender require some dremel work, but very simple. Shrouds you need a YZ tank or aftermarket tank like Zip Ty racings 3.4 gallon(my tank is clear). I then got a tall seat foam and a tall B3 black seat cover from Factory Effex.

It is worth it in the end, the bike looks pretty unique. My only gripe is that it shows every spec of dirt and scratches easily. It's a dirtbike though, so no biggy.

I should have some pics up Monday morning.


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