I was talking with Carlos Orozco of Baja Pits USA yesterday. He indicted they have stepped up to the world of Dry Breaks and are offering this improved pit service for bikes and quads at this years Baja 1000. They have both Jazz cans for traditional fueling and 4 gallon IMS Dry Breaks for speed fueling. Baja Pits has been pitting all forms of off road racing now since 1985. They are charging $295.00 for bikes and quads. This gives you 17 pits, one every 60 miles from Ensenada to La Paz. Contact him at U.S Wheels In El Cajon, Ca. at 619-596-8033. After the race, they will be selling some dry breaks with stands for $350.00 complete. These are new units purchased just for this race only. There loss/ your gain. That is stand and unit. Tell him Stephen from TT referred you. :cry:

Baja Pits USA is signing up more and more XR 650 racers since American Honda filled up. At $295.00 for 17 pits, you can't beat them. Adding your fuel cost to that is still a cheap deal. This is your chance to run that 3.3 IMS tank and make all your pits and have a chance of winning. Just do your homework (pre running) and you to can be in the winners circle. Baja Pits USA is one of two race teams running pits in baja besides Honda that you can join right now. They know Baja like the back of their hands and want to help you win. Give them a call and tell them Stephen from TT referred you. :cry:

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