Wouldn't be great to see Yamaha step up to the plate and take on Team Red again. Now you can too! Baja Pits USA is offering IMS dry Break service to there already great bike and quad pits. Baja Pits USA has been pitting all off road races in the Southwestern USA now since 1985. For the Baja 1000, they are offering 17 full service pits for your needs. The cost is a mere $295.00 for this service. If you are interested, contact Carlos Orozco at U.S.Wheels in EL Cajon, Ca, at 619-596-8033. Tell him Stephen from TT referred you. He will also be selling some of the 32 dry break units he bought for $350.00 complete (Stand and unit) after the race is finished. It would be good to see some Blue at the head of the finish line this year. :cry:

I would love to see David Fretigne run it on his WR450 all wheel drive! Guess I will have to wait for Paris Dakar in January and see how many legs he wins this time! :cry: :cry: :cry:

Wouldn't be great though to see any Yamaha win this race overall! Class 22 Pro (open) or Class 30 Pro (age 30 and up)! We haven't seen a Class 30 win since Eddie Zeller won it three years ago. And a Class 22 Pro(open bikes) since LR rode for Yamaha in the early 80's after Husky and before Kawasaki. Yamaha has taken the Class 21 Pro (250cc bikes) now for three years running (01-02 with Eddie Zeller and 03 with Joe Desrosiers). I'd say it was about time! Worried about how to afford this? Team up with 4-6 guys, spread a few tires and air filters around the course and go race. Sign up Baja Pits USA to handle your pit needs and you are set. Spend a night in Ensenada before the race and a night in La paz following the race and then head home like most of us do. Just once before 2005 I'd like to see another collor on the marque besides red. Wouldn't you?

GO BLUE! :cry: :cry: :cry:

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