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525 mxc carb/throttle adjustment

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hey! I have a 04 525mxc...I got the first service done on it...and then the second..and then I got it dual sported and started riding behind my house in socal....I started having overheating problems basically below 2000ft level...I took it to the shop thinking the thermostat was faulty but that wasnt the case and they put a tube that dumps out any overflow under the bike....I thought fine..whatever. After doing more research I found this to be a common problem and I should have done research before I took it to the shop because the next time I got on my bike NO POWER...they adjusted the carb or something and it had little snap and no upper end. In the whoops I couldnt get the front end up so something was wrong. I figured I would install my JD jetting kit that was sitting on my workbench and GREAT! The torque is back...it snaps unbelievably...HOWEVER I can still full throttle the thing and its not as fast as it used to be. I thought well I must need a new tire...NO..I got a new airfilter..NO.. I played around with the JD kit..NO...I am at a loss and dont know much about adjusting the carberator outside of the jetting kit. Please advise. Thanks. 😢


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