Acerbis Big Fuel needed...

;getting an Acerbis 23l fuel tank soon and would like to know if there are any particular things to look out for when installing eg.routing of cables or needing to do any drilling etc etc. Can anyone assist?? :cry:

go to and get a pair of the fuel tank braces they make for the acerbis tank. You can also call Precision Concepts in Temecula, California and buy them--its a stocked part over there. the braces connect from the lower tank mount to the upper skid plate mounts.

if you fall you risk taking out the radiators without those braces.

cables route nicely--but the vent hose works best with a shortie one way valve.

consider quick release valves on the fuel lines, so you can remove the tank in the field (get to carb, etc.) I have a set on my bike and i think they are awesome. White Bro's catalogue.

just dont tell the 1X guys i sent ya!

Thank you for taking the time and effort to reply...I will bear all you said in mind before installing....its always easier to ask first than to mess the whole thing up later.. :cry:

Its now time to fit the tank after other maintainance....the moulded holes at the bottom of each side of the tank level with the radiator bolts....should there be a bracket or such like attached through these holes to the radiator or are they there for strength/rigidity....Am I missing standard brackets.....?

(this is of course bearing in mind the strenghtening brackets previously stated!!!)

There are two bolts with thick rubber spacers and a washer on the outside--these go thru the hole and bolt to the lower part of the radiator--the braces from 1X then (flat part) go between the tank and the radiator.

Thanks the interim I will have to add mounting brackets at the bottom....I don`t have them but they`ll not be too hard to make up....Thanks again....see you at the Dakar....What number are you??

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