---can u cut down a FMF t4 pipe to make it shorter ????

Have to admit... I sure like the shorter exhaust look... very nice job. I'm inspired to break out the cutting tools! :cry:

Is it illegal to cut the stock exhaust pipe because i was readin what was left of stamping on the side of the pipe, and i think the rest of it said on the peice that i cut off that it was a violation of somthing to tamper with the exhaust. :cry:

Sorry for the dumb question :cry:


By no means am I an expert in this matter... but I think warning about tampering is aimed at those vehicles that get registered for road use. I'm wondering if the exhaust is used on some other machine here or overseas that would require such a warning. :cry:

Then again... could be like those tags on pillows "...it's against the law to remove this tag" :cry:

Hmmmmm, I was just wonderin because i dont want to get a ticket for the pipe being too short,I heard the pipe has to within 14 to 19 inches long for it to be legal :cry:. Is this a rumor? :cry: :cry:

The pipe has to be under a certain decibel limit for certain areas, besides that length has nothing to do with being legal. Who would check it anyway? Unless maybe in Kalifornia.

Exactly, i live in Cali. and around people with horses who hate dirtbikes and call the cops everytime I start mine up or ride, So I want to be as legal as I can.But the thing that really pisses me off is when a some one on a horse rides down the middle of our road and the horse TAKES A CRAP so all the cars have to run it over :cry: :cry:, but its not even legal to ride my drtbike down the street(half a mile) to a neighborhood track.


I'm wondering if a search on your state's web site could lead to an answer. I'd suggest calling EPA or DMV but most of the time the person answering the phone isn't going to know that much about the laws/regulations. As far as the "law" is concerned there are only 2 possiblities that I can imagine are an issue. One being noise... and after sitting next to a few straight pipe Harleys and not being able to hear myself think, not sure bout that one... and the second issue being emissions. Again... straight pipe bikes out there also disspell that. :cry:

I have recently read somewhere about AMA rules and lengths of mufflers... but I can't remember where.

That is a good idea, but I dont think ill have to worry about AMA rules because im not racing(yet).I just dont want to get pulled over by a sheriff and have him tell that my my spark arrestor is legal but my pipe too short. But ill do a searh right now on Google, Thanks :cry: :cry:

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