Smog Block-Off kit for the 650L

Hey guys, maybe you can help me out. I ordered a IMS smog block-off kit from Baja Designs about 3 weeks ago. After ordering they called me to let me know that the kits are back ordered. I called IMS up and sure enough they told me the same thing, and they don't really sound to sure as to when they will be getting more in stock. Does anyone know of a place other than these two that sell these online and may still have some in stock? I really appreciate any help. Thanks, Mike

I ordered my smog kit from my local honda shop about two weeks ago. I paid a few more bucks, but it arrived in about a week. You basically have to find a place that has one in-stock. The honda dealer might know of a few places, have them check before they place the order.


Thanks for the advice. I don't know why I didn't of the dealer. I guess I got so used to ordering parts online the thought didn't even cross my mind. Maybe also because the smog pump removal is something that the guys at the dealer where I bought the bike don't recommend doing. I guess for warranty reasons. Anyway, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

I went to the dealer today to check on the status of my order from White Bros. and sure enough they said it's now back ordered. AAAhhh!! This is really starting to drive me insane. Anyway, I called IMS and they said they finally have them, but they have to test them first for quality because they were made a little differant this time due to the machinists tool breaking on the last batch. They said that they will know by tomorrow if all is well and if they will be shipped out. So I just put my order in with them to cut out the middle man and save some time. I'll let you know what they say tomorrow. Later, Mike


You may want to try baja designs again. I ordered one last week, then they left a message for me to call them saying that they were on back order. When I called to confirm this, craig told me that he has spoke too soon and they just came in and were unpacking them as we spoke. I am expecting mine today.


FrazzXR, I ended up ordering right thorugh IMS. It was shipped last week, and my account was billed so now I just have to wait for Mr.UPS man to pull in my driveway. Can't wait to get that ugly pump off of my bike. Yea buddy! Good luck, Mike

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