Pics of October Ride in Western Massachusetts

Looks like those fall colors have a little ways to go yet. Rocks and woods... :cry:

Bummed I couldn't make it. I gotta do something about this "work" thing. :cry:

I was hoping to see some pics of you wrastling your pig !

Looks like you had dry ground. That ski area was slimey during the Mohawk ride.


Bummed I couldn't make it. I gotta do something about this "work" thing. :cry:

I was hoping to see some pics of you wrastling your pig !

Looks like you had dry ground.


Ditto. Brian I think Chan(InChanWeTrust) and I are hooking up next Saturday(weather permitting), you interested? Darin how about you?? Imagine four pigs in the woods. No one's gonna want to ride behind us... :cry:

I don't think I can make it. Kids soccer games. Keep letting me know when you are going, though!!!! If anything changes, I will let you know.

I had the camera. I worked into 1 pic in my green jacket holding my buddies KTM380 on some power lines. The colors were much better in person that the photos show. I would say close to peak.

The trails were AWESOME, Brian. Those turkey run hills up to the summit were great. Not gumbo mud. There were still a few wet spots where the grease reminded you how slippery that stuff was. Still, they went from a nightmare to some of the best riding I have done!!!

The 650, in my opinion, is the perfect bike for those high speed, rocky, hilly trails!!!

I tried my buddies KTM380. Lacked torque down low, then uncontrolled tire spinning rush up top. Once you have this controllable torque, it is going to be tough going back to anything else!

I agree that some of the trails are tough. About a month ago they were "perfect". That five inches or so of rain that New England got a few weeks ago did some damage. All the trails that were nice gravel were roots and slippery when I went up. I think it was Daniels trail that takes you up to the top from the parking lot. Man that was 3 miles uphill of roots and rocks. Narly stuff. We need to have a ride with all the pigs soon. We'll be up in Pittsfield at least 3 more times before the end of the season. Lets set a date and go for it? I think Saturdays are best, as traveling home after a long day and going to work the next is not much fun.

Sounds good. I will take a look at the calendar and see what a good saturday would be. I know what you mean about the long ride home. It's about a 2.5hr ride for me!

Especially when you're all beat up.

Hope to be riding with you Piggies real soon. I am on the hunt for a BRP in the area. I'm in Salem (MA) and have done mostly road and track and I am now looking to get dirty. When you say western mass, where exactly? I've heard great things about October Mtn. and the surrounding parks. I am up at Loudon regularly for road racing and have ventured into the backwoods a few times on the occasional WR/YZ.

October mountain isn't the prime location for the pig community. Yes there are some nice trails and then there are some real rocky ones. Pittsfield is the better choice in western mass, IMO.

Too bad Pittsfield is so far out. Have any of you guys done rides in ME/NH/VT? With the dwindleing off-road access I am trying to find the closest rides to Boston. Not into bumping heads with cops so my preference would be for legal areas. Hopefully that doesn't mean all my rides will be +2 hr drives.

I've done some decent "tolerated" riding around St. Johnsbury, VT. Cool stuff, nice views. 3 hour haul just for me. For you to go to Pittsfield would be an easy 3 hour ride. Well worth it if you camp there, which you can.

Good to hear from you ZX. I live in Princeton. Central Mass 20 minutes North of Worcester. 1.5 hrs from you. I don't know much about the potential riding between here and Salemn, but there are some NETRA routes we could check out. My problem is finding time to go!

Like Tim said, Pittsfield State Forest would be a smooth ride for you for a weekend trip. We will have to keep that in mind for next year!

Check out to find other riders in your area. (TimBRP haunts that place all the time, if I am not mistaken.)

Tim, you still going to Pittsfield this Saturday?

Chan and I may make it up there. I'm looking for a ride up. If not this weekend, definitely next. We should all meet up there. A gathering of the oinkers.

How late into the season do you guys usually call it quits? Any limitations by state parks as far as closure dates? I would likely ride dirt year round given conditions aren't too New Englandy....

You can ride until the last Sunday in November in Mass state parks. Unless they close them before that due to some freak nature incident. I'm going to get all the legal time in I can get and then go back to the "secret" areas.

Secret areas...just what the doctor ordered to cure those mid-winter blues. In all likelihood I'll be studding the hoops and taking to the ice.

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