Need XR650R suspension settings

Anybody got some advice for a good starting point for stock XR650R suspension settings? I weigh 200# with gear and ride the typical dessert whoops and trails out here in Vegas. Right now it seem harsh compared to my old 600.

Let me know what you find out on the best settings, eh? I'm always looking for more and new info...

Ride on.....

I tried Race Tech's settings worksheet also - I don't have their valves, but tried the settings anyway; they worked well. As the bike came from the factory, both ends were far too stiff for the woods.

Changing the fork and shock springs to fit my weight and riding style was the biggest improvment to my BRP. The Summers fork brace comes in a close second. The total cost of those modifications is less than a new pipe -

Foobarr, I just got a 650 also and crashed my brains out two weeks in a row on whoops in carson city. I went to stiffer springs but need help also on the settings.

Can someone check where there bike's com and rebound are set at that ride desert. I just can't afford to send everything out for revalve. At least until I run out of opptions with the stock set ups.

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