H3 Bulb, will any H3 bulb fit the XR650R?

Is an H3 bulb the model number? like if I find an H3 bulb at Wal-mart or any other parts store will it work in my headlamp? I have rewound the stator and see these things at autoparts stores for just 8-10 bucks? didn't know if anyone else has tried them...if not I may just to see if it works!



You can get lots of bulbs to fit............

However, an H3 bulb, as well as other halogen bulbs will melt your lens unless you have upgraded to the glass one.

I do have the glass lense! Wahoo! I guess since I have the rewound stator and currently not using any other electric accessories I could run a mega bulb! any 150 or 200w bulbs out there?

Thanks Jackattack!


Just because your stator has been rewound, does not mean it will run a 200watt bulb.

Did you do the rewind yourself, or is it a high output stator that you purchased?

Its a long frustrating story but the point is I rewound it years ago and reciently had an electrical issue and was told by a dealer mechanic it was due to my homewound stator so I bought one from Rickystator High output and regulator/rectifyer.

Then by chance found a short in my coil ground wire (hidden inside the insulation) so I fixed it and its running great and the new coil came afterwards.

I'm considering putting the new stator in anyway just because I got it and know it's done right!! I know mine works and its improved over stock and haven't had any problems with it for 3 years now but I haven't measured the output of it and I know the rickystator is 200+ so we'll see about switching it out.

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