starting after flooding

I was riding with a buddy who has a 2001 xr 650r. We were climbing a steep hill, he stalled just as we got to the crest. Being on an incline the gas was running out the air box vent tube. We got it back to level ground and tried starting it for about 10 min. no start? Anyone have some tips on getting the brp started when it floods like that?

Maybe he should have bought a Yamaha!(kidding) :)

Well when my friend's XR200 floods he holds the throttle wide open, kill switch on, and just cranks it a few times. :)

Yes, throttle wide open, pull the comp release in and kick through 10 or 15 times. That will clear it out and it should start right up.

This whole flooding deal was the straw that broke the camels back on my 650R's stock carb. Nothing is worse than going for that big hill climb, not making it, and then having to deal with a flooding bike as you try desperately not to lay it down. The fuel running out the air box vent tube is your reminder to service the now “gas washed” air filter at your earliest convenience.

Until you’ve had enough of this and finally dump the cash for the Edelbrock, Just remember to turn the fuel off as soon as you stall the bike and then use the “kick wide open with the kill button on” routine. I used to do this without hitting the kill button and have a somewhat melted Unifilter to prove it.

Following a huge flooding like you describe,

after a couple of tries at the flood

technique, I would pull my plug and dry it.

I have occassionally done this when the

flood routine just ain't working.

cheers, Craig

If stationary, judging the best route up or

down or through an hill/bog etc, If I decide

that to stall in the middle is a bad move,

I reach down and increase the tickover revs

slightly. I tackle the hill/bog with

a slightly less chance of stalling, then

decrease the revs when I'm through.

cheers, Craig

I like Craig's idea of turning up idle speed. I have used the other techniques of turning off ignition and opening starting valve and kicking and kicking with throttle open. It has been the only consistent way to get the bike started after a stall or lay down. Have 95 XR600R with Baja Designs dual sport kit. Thanks for the tips!

Sorry for the late input, I just happened across this forum (cause I need help). I don't know about the big bores yet, I just got mine. With the 250 and the 80 I usually turn off the petcock and kick with the throttle WFO until the bike fires (usually just 2-3 times once you get the hang of it) then turn the gas back on. This has worked great for me. From the sounds of it maybe that doesn't work so swell with the larger models without using the kill switch... I never saw fire with the smaller ones.

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My buddy has had this happen a few times. The first time I saw him do this, he ended up with a toasty lil fire and a bunch of fried vent hoses. We all got a kick out of it, but I don't think he was too happy :)

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