05 parts that fit an 04 YZ450F

Has anyone tried any 05 parts on an 04?

I was thinking specifically of the airboot or perhaps the black box, to see if it helps out the 04.


I'm sure you could but what exactly are you trying to accomplish?

keep an eye on your 05 guys I smell a chop shop. :cry:

I hear the '05 fork guards cover more of the inner tube, so I'd like to put some on my '04 if they fit.. Don't know why they skimped on width at the top of the guard before '05? Has anyone tried them yet?

they fit on my 04 yz250f so they should on the 450 too.

Chop shop? Yeah right :cry:.

I'm wondering if the 05 airboot will smooth out the low end pickup of the 04 at all.

They're not too expensive, so if my dealer can get me one (they don't have the part#s yet) I'll post results.

It might help but they also reduced the compression ratio and retarded the ignition timing at low rpms too. So it's hard to say how much it would help.

I don't think it will fit. Doesn't the 05" have a smaller diameter intake tract to improve low end power?


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