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need help how do you change oil in magura clutch?

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Get a pal to help you...

See the allen fitting at the slave cylinder where the hose attaches? That's where you are going to bleed it from...

..oh yeah, use MINERAL OIL for the Magura unit...nothing else.

1. Take the master cylinder cap off

2. grab a small crescent, adjust it to fit longways on the slave cylinder so you can hold it steady while loosening the fitting with an allen wrench, but don't loosen yet....

3. Have the buddy pump the lever up top, then hold it...

4. crack the allen fitting briefly at the slave cylinder and let the air/fluid spurt out...tighten it back (don't forget to support the slave cylinder with the crescent).

5. repeat, add fluid to master cylinder often while bleeding, until the fluid is clear and the lever is firm.

It's just like a hydraulic brake bleeding that way...no special tools other than a phillips, a crescent, and the proper allen wrench.

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thanks a bunch rapture. that will be a big help. i love thumpertalk.

Welcome aboard! I use a Magura clutch on my CRF and love it...

TT is an awesome site. A big :cry: up to the members and owners for making this THE premiere 4-stroke site on the net...

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