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Valve shims, didnt someone post the whole list??

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I tried to find it in a search, but I gave up after 45 minutes.....

It was a whole breakdown, can someone help me out?



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Here you go.

The actual post is below

14901-MBB-000 .0472in 1.20mm

14902-MBB-000 .0482in 1.225mm

14903-MBB-000 .0492in 1.25mm

14904-MBB-000 .0502in 1.275mm

14905-MBB-000 .0512in 1.30mm

14906-MBB-000 .0522in 1.325mm

14907-MBB-000 .0531in 1.35mm

14908-MBB-000 .0541in 1.375mm

14909-MBB-000 .0551in 1.40mm

14910-MBB-000 .0561in 1.425mm

14911-MBB-000 .0571in 1.45mm

14912-MBB-000 .0581in 1.475mm

14913-MBB-000 .0591in 1.50mm

14914-MBB-000 .0600in 1.525mm

14915-MBB-000 .0610in 1.55mm

14916-MBB-000 .0620in 1.575mm

14917-MBB-000 .0630in 1.60mm

14918-MBB-000 .0640in 1.625mm

14919-MBB-000 .0650in 1.65mm

14920-MBB-000 .0659in 1.675mm

14921-MBB-000 .0669in 1.70mm

14922-MBB-000 .0679in 1.725mm

14923-MBB-000 .0689in 1.75mm

14924-MBB-000 .0699in 1.775mm

14925-MBB-000 .0709in 1.80mm

14926-MBB-000 .0719in 1.825mm

14927-MBB-000 .0728in 1.85mm

14928-MBB-000 .0738in 1.875mm

14929-MBB-000 .0748in 1.90mm

14930-MBB-000 .0758in 1.925mm

14931-MBB-000 .0768in 1.95mm

14932-MBB-000 .0778in 1.975mm

14933-MBB-000 .0787in 2.00mm

14934-MBB-000 .0797in 2.025mm

14935-MBB-000 .0807in 2.05mm

14936-MBB-000 .0817in 2.075mm

14937-MBB-000 .0827in 2.10mm

14938-MBB-000 .0837in 2.125mm

14939-MBB-000 .0846in 2.15mm

14940-MBB-000 .0856in 2.175mm

14941-MBB-000 .0866in 2.20mm

14942-MBB-000 .0876in 2.225mm

14943-MBB-000 .0886in 2.25mm

14944-MBB-000 .0896in 2.275mm

14945-MBB-000 .0906in 2.30mm

14946-MBB-000 .0915in 2.325mm

14947-MBB-000 .0925in 2.35mm

14948-MBB-000 .0935in 2.375mm

14949-MBB-000 .0945in 2.40mm

14950-MBB-000 .0955in 2.425mm

14951-MBB-000 .0965in 2.45mm

14952-MEB-000 .0974in 2.475mm

14953-MEB-000 .0984in 2.50mm

14954-MEB-000 .0994in 2.525mm

14955-MEB-000 .1004in 2.55mm

14956-MEB-000 .1014in 2.575mm

14957-MEB-000 .1024in 2.60mm

14958-MEB-000 .1033in 2.625mm

14959-MEB-000 .1043in 2.65mm

14960-MEB-000 .1053in 2.675mm

14961-MEB-000 .1063in 2.70mm

14962-MEB-000 .1073in 2.725mm

14963-MEB-000 .1083in 2.75mm

14964-MEB-000 .1093in 2.775mm

14965-MEB-000 .1102in 2.80mm

14966-MEB-000 .1112in 2.825mm

14967-MEB-000 .1122in 2.85mm

14968-MEB-000 .1132in 2.875mm

14969-MEB-000 .1142in 2.90mm

14970-MEB-000 .1152in 2.925mm

14971-MEB-000 .1161in 2.95mm

14972-MEB-000 .1171in 2.975mm

14973-MEB-000 .1181in 3.00mm

These are all the valve shims available for the CRF. The shims are marked in mm but they are rounded to three digits: 1.825mm is acutally 182 on the shim and 1.875mm would be marked 188. As far as the measurements in inches, I carried them out four places. If I would have rounded them, you end up with two different shims with the same english measurement. Must be the shift between the two standards I guess. RR.

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thanks fred, I noticed the intake shims have numbers on them, dont want to guess, but do those numbers equate to the actually size...

R. intake had a 62 on it, L. intake had a 68?????? Mine only have a two diget number, maybe the one is worn off??

just want to get a baseline where to start when I reshim?

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Yes, sounds like the 1 is worn off. It's probably 1.62 and 1.68.

Worst case bring them to the shop and have them measure them if you don't have dial calipers or a micrometer.

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I got it figured out,


162=1.625, the one was worn off.

I was making it more complicated than it needed to be....

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Service Honda doesn't have any shims bigger than a 2.45 so if you need anything that big or bigger, go to Webcam for them. I recently installed an RHC 208 Web cam in my bike and it required 3.00 and 3.05 shims and they make them up to 3.50 I believe. :cry:

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