carbon fiber air box

Is any one running a carbon fiber air box on a 426, and where do you see any gains?

I got one for a good price off ebay. I dont know of any company making them anymore.

Gains? You lose about 1-2 pounds up high. I installed it with a Ti subframe at the same time. makes the rear feel like 5 lbs lighter picking it up.

I have a used one from Dubach racing, Thanks for the info I'll give it a try :cry:

where did u get the Ti subframe?

Yamaha did a closeout of them a few months back. they were gone they day they listed them.

is there anyone else that makes/made Ti subframes?

gone, gone, gone.

Unless you find one on the classifieds or ebay.

Mine is always for sale for the right price! :cry:

I am thinking of getting a new bike next year, so if you really want it email me an offer.

Just saves weight, but with our big bikes saveing weight is a big issue... I'd go for it if I had the money

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