Eastern Oregon Ride

Got in a Eastern Oregon ride with jjmalone on the 4th, me on my 01 DRZ400, jj on his 02 XR650R.

The XR was impressive (got some long legs!) my Z was a match in the mid-range though, I think.

Great ride, Powerline road, (fast) gravel FR (very fast!) Walker Mt (twisty/rocky fast)great view! backroad and a little paved ride to Gilcrest, Oregon for a good burger, then back to the truck to load up for the ride home.

All in all a great 4th, close to 100 miles on the dualies.. thanks jj for showing me the riding area.

You XR650R riders have a great bike, don't know if I want to get rid of my DRZ yet ( its still better in the woods!) but Dayam the XR shines in the open !! Cheers, gary


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