I Need A New GPS

Hey guys I just bought a 2002 XR650R and Put a Dangerous Toys Euro Legalizer Dual Sport Kit on it. It appears to have a 12volt power thingy available for a GPS. I have a ETrek piece o crap that broke the thrid ride out. I really want the bike to power the GPS. Got any suggestions on which brand/model to buy?

I have a Lowrance Map 100 on my BRP. It has been punished plenty and it still works great. Spent an hour under water once,(that puddle didn't look that deep). Be carefull with the voltage from the bike though - you need a voltage regulater and a bridging rectifier to get clean DC.

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I can't speak from personal experience using a GPS on a motorcycle, but I'm also looking into buying a GPS for my bike and have narrowed my choices down to two GPS's. So far, I like the Garmin GPS V deluxe & the Garmin 176. The 176 has a faster processor that redraws screens quicker, a much bigger display with higher resolution, expandable memory, etc. Garmin also has a color version of the 176 called the 176c, but I've talked to a few people using the color version on their boats and one person using it on a motorcycle who said the color washed out too easily in direct sunlight. I just compared the 176 and 176c in the bright Nevada sunlight a few days ago and I presonally would prefer the 176 (grayscale) version over the color version for use on a bike.

If the GPS V had a larger screen with higher resolution and expandable memory, then that would be my choice. I like the features of the GPS V better, but it has a fixed amount of memory (19MB). The GPS V would probably be easier to mount and might be more versatile if you wanted to use it both in the car and on your bike. The GPS V also has a much longer battery life than the 176 if that even matters to you since you'll be wired to +12V. I've heard from several people that the 176c battery life is only about 1.5 - 2 hours with the backlight on full. So far, I'm leaning towards the GPS V for my needs so I can use it both on my bike and in my car.

Here's a picture of a GPS V mounted on a XR600.


I just bought a Lowrance IFinder for my BRP. I have a Globalmap 3000MT on my Bassboat so I'm familiar with Lowrance products. This IFinder is a sweet unit. They come with a world background map and take MMC cards up to 128mb with additional info. I have Lowrances MapCreate 6 which has the entire country on it. I downloaded the State of Michigan with everything including rural roads. The map file came to 28mb. I don't have it powered by the bike but this thing runs for 12 hours on two AA batteries. I made a homemade mount. This thing is also WAAS enabled which gives accuracy within 10 feet. I rode with it on Saturday and was geeked about seeing my track and all the local roads as I drove. The speed display is also very accurate. You can get the basic unit for $279 at Cabela's or BassPro but you have to buy the CD. You can get the unit with the CD, MMC card and port for $399. Cool unit.

too bad about your experience with the garmin etrex. i have the etrex legend mounted to my bars on every ride and yet to have a problem... and i didn't even have it ruggedized, which i need to do.

i've been using gps for awhile now and find the extrex to be the most user friendly and compact gps unit out there, so again, it's a bummer to hear that you didn't like the little unit.

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