YZ450F Gearing?

I'm wanting to know (in MPH's) how fast one is going in 3rd topped out, and how fast one is going in 4rth gear topped out with the YZ450F's? I'm wanting to try and compare topped out speeds between the YZ250F and the YZ450F bikes.



On Paper, (meaning that this is from a speed in gears chart, and does not take into account tire slippage, etc.), at the rev limit of 11,500, 3rd would be 73, and fourth would be 88. This with the stock 14/48. I use a 15/49, which is the same as a 14/46.

Wow, that is hauling along very fast. Yesterday, I had the chance to take my YZ250FS up to full speed. It was definatly fast enough for me.... I do believe I made the right choice in buying the 250 instead of the 450......

Thanks for the reply grayracer513,


AKA Dmacsimum

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