starting tips on a XR 400

My room ate just got a XR 400 we can't get it started any tips? Besides checking the plug...

A friend of mine has one which I rode recently. I found that a few kicks at ¼ to ½ throttle before finding TDC and kicking in earnest w/ no throttle would get it to light every time. Initially (it was pretty cold) I had to start the bike with the throttle held ¼ open to get it to run.

Don’t know why but this is what worked, the choke didn’t help any but the bike was probably a bit rich at 4,000 ft.

I had a 96 XR 250. Should be the same starting drill.

1. No gas

2. Full Choke

3. Turn the idle screw in 1/2 turn

Put the piston at TDC (you don't need the decompression lever on any XR but the 600 IMHO) and kick it until it fires. Usually it will fire then die. Once it fires, turn the choke off and repeat above steps. It will light and the higher idle will keep in running until warm. Once warm, back the idle screw down and ride! Always worked for me.

We got it, man that thing is slow!!!!

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