WR kickstand problem...

Besides the obvious answers of remove it or buy a KTM does anybody have any suggestions on how to modify the kickstand for more heel clearance? I have size 13 feet and my left heel is always getting tangled up with the kickstand.

Does the Ti kickstand tuck-in like a KTM?



The "TI" Kickstand from SRG-R is the same overall lenght as stock, and to keep the stand working at the correct angle it can only tuck in as far as the stock unit.


How does KTM get there stand to tuck in so tight? Wonder if I could graft a KTM stand onto my WR....


Brian I could tell you but then KTM says in their manual I would have to kill you. Remind me not to go riding with you, I may come back without a kickstand. Sorry to be on your board but couldn't resist a post by Michael and I saw your name. Later


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hmmm, maybe wack the spring lug off and mount it 90 degres rotated to put the spring under the stand while it is up? Is it the spring your getting caught up in or are you getting caught while recovering your leg from a kick out catching your bike? If its while kicking, if you get your leg any closer to that back wheel, youll run your foot over!!!!

My heel hangs up in the kickstand when I'm standing - not usually a problem when seated. I tend to keep my feet back on the pegs more than most people I guess.....

Oh, well - another project to add to the 'to do' list :)


Ah, I couldn't help but notice Brian, but your weakening towards the orange side :) Yes a 400MXC would be the answer to your kickstand dilemma, even comes with the "button". So when's the next Middlecreek or Stonyford ride Brian? Sundays and Mondays work for me.

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