XR 600 Carb question??

I have a 1987 XR 600 the bike was given to me and it actually runs out pretty well, just needs a little work. I need to get some Carb parts but was wondering if I could convert it to a single carb. I know in '88' they switched it to a single, I was wondering if I bought a newer carb if I could convert it or would it even be worth it. Also I am looking for some info on the decompression settings how to adjust it properly any info would be great...thanks Mike

I don't think it would be worth it at all. The dual carbs kicked ass. IMO you would be better off replacing all hardware in the carbs, setting them back to stock, and going from there. Good luck!

I agree! The dual carb set up is really ideal. The bike will start up usually on the first kick, which when jetted correctally is actually better than the single carb. I could tell you a couple of good stories. It is just different than modern times that is all. You probably need to clean them out including all of the jets and needles. And when you do it yourself you learn a lot. You will not be sorry, when you get the thing running good. Those are good bikes! A little heavier but beefier. Kinda a little more heavy duty with tubes and components. But not suspension. You will have fun on no matter what you are riding.

What up! That was a nice gift you got ! I would leave the two carb set up on it, its possible to convert it ... but, it really isn't worth it unless you have a parts bike to get all the necessary pieces from. The dual carbs work good when you have them set up correctly. You can get a Chiltons manual, or call XR's only or Thumper Racing for info or specs.

I agree with them all. Leave it stock. I run a '93 and have a friend with an '87. The '87 is faster!

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