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Be careful if you buy those magnetic drain plugs on ebay

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I'm talking about the ones you commonly see advertized for $16 for both the motor and frame plugs. If you do buy them I'd just go ahead and toss the frame drain bolt right in the trash. It's a hex head fitting and is VERY easy to strip. Trust me!

I thought I was going to have to drill it out for a bit :cry: ( check the pic, I tried everything else. And yes, that was once a 5mm hex head!) but was finally able to get it loose with some vise grips after some time away from it. THANK GOD.

No problem with the motor drain bolt, aside from the fact that it has a 17mm head which makes it a little tricky maneuvering with the man funnel in place. It works tho... Anyway, for all the hassle you might as well get the zip-ty magnetic drain bolt. People seem to like it.

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