is there a way to bench check the regulator/rectifier for an 03 wr450?

It's probably not going to be easy off the bike but it's very easy to do on the bike. With the bike running put a DVM (volt meter) set to AC across the headlight terminals. Rev the engine and watch the voltage. It should not go over ~14.5 volts(it won't be real accurate because most meters are calibrated for frequencies other than 60 hz but it should be close enough). For the DC side of the regulator put your meter (set to DC of course) across the battery terminals and repeat the procedure. If all stays below 14.5 volts you should be ok.

I didnt have the bike in running condition at the time of the first post. Its running now, just have to get my Digit Volt Meter and ill know if it works or not. Is there an aftermarket way of going about getting a regulator/ rectifier? Yamaha parts are so expensive.

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