Blue book for offroad bikes?

Trying to figure out what my 650R could sell for...

No time to ride, and no one to ride with makes for an expensive dust gather'er.


'02 650R, everything in my sig. 0 miles on the GPR, bars, and handguards. 700mi on the engine/frame.

Bike sits in So Cal, but I moved to AZ.. bike could be registered here to make it possible for someone to have it plated in so cal.

What should I be asking for this beast?

Try Kelly Blue Book. Great looking bike.

Dude, I envy you. I miss Tucson sooo much. I would love to ride with you. I was there for school back in 95 and cant get my wife to agree that we need to live there. Maybe I'll make it there again some day. I used to ride my street legal 92 XR600 on the back wheel down Speedway on a daily basis. That sucks that you want to sell it. Try too.


Id keep it if I had a PLACE to keep it, and people to ride with.. ya know? lol. My fiance isnt too keen on wheeling the bike through the front door and onto the patio (apartment)


The GPR stabilizer isn't even broke in yet! Somebody is going to get a super nice bike if they buy yours :cry:

If you are serious about selling it, I think you should plate it out in AZ and sell it in CA. You'll get the most money that way. :cry:

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