Looking for XR600 foot peg

I think I got a stock one I will look tonight.

Oh and the V-MAX is the best street bike out! I had to sell mine, but my wife and I really miss it. Have fun on yours.

Hey Jerry

Got your message. I found my wr 400 one but not my xr600 ones yet. I will look again tonight. Where abouts do you live?

i just tossed my stock pegs , and put on some

ims superstock pegs. much wider than stock,

made standing up much easier.


I can't find them. I looked everywhere. I must of gave them away already. Sorry to get your hopes up. If you are going to ride that bike man you got to get the ims pro series for 75 bucks. They will never bend or break, but if you are selling your bike good luck in finding something cheap.

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