fuel injection?

Does anyone know of an after market fuel injection set up that will work on an XR650L? :cry: :cry:

I have also pondered EFI, mainly for a turbocharged Briggs & Statton project I have. I believe Hillborn makes a mechanical fuel injection setup for bikes, possibly for a single cylinder. That or you might be able to use the parts from a Cannondale. I've heard alot people say they worth more when parted out.

The new Gas Gas 450SE is fuel injected also. You would think that there would be a market for aftermarket kits. A good slide carb runs over $300. and would not have the drivabality of fuel injection. No more altitude adjustments, or rejetting. Just reprogram for mods. Making an intake, injector and throttle body set up would be pretty easy. Its the computer and software thats the hard part. :cry: One day maybe.


I've always wondered why FI isn't prominent in bikes too.

XRMANU, can't get that link to work.

BMW 650GS have had fuel injection for 4 years...

there was some hitches with the mapping at first, but its been worked out. FI on my 650GS Dakar was AWESOME!

Yes I agree. But does anyone sell an aftermarket refit kit for older bikes?

Hey XRMANU. The site is not in english. I'm just a stupid bike ride that only knows english. :cry: Is there a translation for it? :cry:

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