I just bought a dr. d step system for my 05' 450 and I just wanted some opinions on that exhaust system.

Haven't ridden the '05 yet,(My buddy should have his soon)but the Nov issue of Dirt Bike has a test and a short blurb on the DRD pipe. Here's a synopsis:

"This one mod let the machine snap to attention quicker and let it pull farther down the RPM range. Overall, the addition of a smartly focused mid-range blip seemed to smooth out the power even more and, with the additional rev, the lengthened powerband was even more controlled."

It's only 2 ounces lighter than stock, but it improves the power, looks better & the noise level is exactly the same as stock.

You will not be dissapointed with the Dubach exhaust. Doug knows more about what makes these bikes tick then anyone else out there. All tests say that his pipe is equal to or better than any othe pipe out there. :cry:

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