Helmet cam

It is Awesome. The old tape the cam to the top of the helmet is hard but doable. The helmet cam for $600 is awesome but my friend has posibly found one that is much smaller and under $100. You have to have a camera that has an imput. Mine does not, I wish it did. But another friend has one set up and the video is boreing in some spots but perfect in others! You will not regret it. It just costs money. And it is the only way of showig a lot of people what you do.

Has anyone here tried a helmet cam to record their trailriding? I'm interested in getting one. Wondering the best brand / price, etc. Any and all feedback appreciated.

Where are you finding one for $100?

You can get the bullet style camera for $109.00 here - http://store.yahoo.com/webtronics/colccdcamvm.html

Get the mic here - http://store.yahoo.com/webtronics/audkitforsur.html

Get a camcorder with video inputs here (the cheapest I've found for this camera) - http://www.6ave.com/product.jsp?x=DCRTRV530

In addition to the above, you will need a power supply for the camera and mic, some electronic skills to put it all together, and some creativity to mount/carry it all.

You can save some money if you piece it together yourself or save time and head aches if you buy a ready-to-go set up here - http://www.helmetcamera.com/

I went the first route, and enjoy the footage I get. When I'm done riding, I download the footage to my mac and edit and add a sound track using imovie.

Good luck


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