Softer Seat for YZ450F

Has anyone found a softer seat for there YZ450F's? I normally run a tall seat on my KX and KTM, but the YZ is already taller, so I didn't think it would be needed, but not sure if a standard height seat would be any softer?

I like the SDG complete seat on my KX, but its has a lot of foam, the YZ model looks much slimer so I wanted to get some feedback before ordering one?


thats a good question i ride standing up most the time but when i do sit down its rock hard but i dont know anyhting about good seats

rest assured you will get massive monkey butt if you sit down too much. It's best if you just start doing squats to beef them thighs up.

I once considered getting a pair of mountain bike shorts that had gel butts on them. But I couldnt handle the thought of having a better azz than most of my bunnies so I just started standing up. :cry:

I put a SDG tall on my 450 and it seems quite abit softer than the stock 2X4 that came with the bike. It was definately worth it for me and my riding style (I don't stand up very much)

Get the SDG, best seat out there.....

Dude... Did you just say that your rabbits had nice asses?


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